Title of the Action: Improve Access to Public Services for Youth Empowerment in Permet. (IN-YEP)
Lead Applicant: Municipality of Permet
Duration of the Action 13 months
Total Budget 180,000.00 Euro
EU Contribution 162,000.00 Euro (90%)
National Contribution 18,000.00 Euro (10%)
Investment Component 114,100.00 Euro (63%)
Main objective Contributing to the improvement of youth welfare and development by enhancing the local public infrastructure and quality of and access to services for them in the Municipality of Permet.
Specific Objectives: A Youth Center dedicated to the young people of Permet Municipality, offering services for supporting youth creativity, talent, and economic empowerment as well as increase their awareness and information related to EU integration issues.
Main Activities 1.     Reconstruction works and equipment of the youth center

2.     Training and support of the youth center staff

3.     Organization of leisure and educative activities for the youth.

4.     Functioning of the Career counseling office

5.     Mentoring and support for youth start ups

6.     Organization of informative, educative and awareness rising activities

7.     Organization of EU Summer Camp

Main Results 1.     One reconstructed Youth Centre, managed by Permet Municipality, that will offer 7 public services for a  minimum of 100 beneficiary youngsters.

2.     Five Business Startups dedicated to the youngsters,  including the necessary legal, financial and management counseling.

3.     Five municipal staff better skilled to deal with youth issues through 3 trainings.

4.     Eleven for EU related promotion events with the active participation of minimum 70 young people.